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Are E Cigarettes A Bad Thing?

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful?

E-cigarettes, as they are commonly called, are a modern phenomenon that is taking over the world of smoking. However, many users wonder if these smoking alternatives are safe for use. There are so many mixed opinions about electronic cigarettes, take the post by SmokeTastic as an example, they true to show the truth about e-cigarettes and do a good job, but with the critics at arms with the electronic cigarette industry it is sometimes really hard to figure out the truth. SmokeTastic actually state the facts and is a good read, but journalists of news papers want eye popping catchy headlines, and this is part of the problem. You see, the fact is that the electronic cigarette is so much more beneficial than that of a regular cigarette, but that just doesn’t sell newspapers now does it!

Are electronic cigarettes harmful? It’s a question that gets raised a lot and understandably so – in some ways the promise of ecigs seems like there must be a catch, that its almost too good to be true.

The answer is. well. probably not so black and white as our media-driven society, prone to polarization and oversimplification would like.

Though it is just my (non medically trained) personal view that its more than likely that – at least compared with NOT using an e-cigarette OR a tobacco cigarette, e cigs probably do cause some sort of “harm” – for me the question is what it is replacing, there is finally some medical study evidence coming out that is starting to help confirm the ‘common sense’ view that e-cigs should be much LESS harmful then tobacco smoking. Thus the appropriateness of the term “harm reduction” and NOT the term “healthy”.

There are also a number of myths about these devices that are doing rounds especially on the internet.

So, are electronic cigarettes harmful to your health?

Being relatively new in the market, there has not been enough research in to the long term effects of the e-cigs. However, the benefits they bring forth far outweigh the traditional cigarette smoking by far.

Therefore, compared to tobacco smoking, the answer to this question is a definite NO. To put things in to perspective, let’s go through some popular myths associated with e-cigarette smoking

Common Myths about Electronic Cigarettes

Myth 1: Nicotine can kill

Of course nicotine can kill, but only if taken in heavy dosages. But then, look at it this way, what cannot kill you if taken in large amounts? Aspirin? Caffeine? How about water? You can easily drown in it! So, the lie that taking nicotine in e-cigs can kill you does not hold water. It is just that; a lie from poor researchers and lie peddlers.

Myth 2: They contain antifreeze

Sure, e-cigs contain propylene glycol which is sometimes found in antifreeze. However, did you know that this chemical substance is actually used in the antifreeze to make it less toxic in case it gets ingested? Propylene glycol is safe for human consumption. The antifreeze is also found in most of the products we ingest on a daily basis, like chocolate and other foods.