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When All Else Fails, Canadian Cloud Hosting Can Save Your IT Infrastructure

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014


Everyday, companies are turning to cloud hosting in Canada to help reduce IT budgets, focus their workforce, and keep their data safe and accessible. But beyond the actual labour force of an IT department, which is one of the biggest ways companies can now reduce their overhead and operating budgets, cloud hosting can also help save your company’s IT infrastructure. How, you ask? By assisting you with your hardware, software, and network accessibility.

Cloud hosting services come in a number of different forms, from leasing software and hardware to providing their services as a subscription-based pricing program. What each of these programs do is grant you access to their cloud services, both in terms of their software and hardware. Each of these systems can help your IT department access advanced resources while reducing the time commitments of maintaining and operating IT services.

With software, cloud hosting service providers offer you their own software packages that they maintain, including updates and bug fixes. The software itself is much cheaper for a cloud host as well because they’re buying more of it. Just how buying bulk at Costco is cheaper than one at your local convenience store, a cloud host will save money by purchasing more of the software.

Also, by using cloud hosting in Canada, your company can dedicate the hours usually absorbed in fixing software problems to more fruitful, and profitable, pursuits. Plus, when the software needs updating, the cloud host is responsible for keeping everything up to date. So if newer versions arrive, you do not have to pay for them. The cloud host will absorb the costs of the new software.

With hardware, the buying bulk concept applies again, allowing your company access to hardware you could not justify purchasing yourself. This can greatly increase your efficiency for a fraction of the cost of the hardware itself because you are sharing it and because the cloud host is absorbing those fees. That means running superior hardware for less money than you expected.

On the subject of hardware, your cloud host will also use security measures to keep your data constantly backed up and protected from circumstances outside your control, like power outages and possible weather-related issues. Especially in Canada, this can save you from losing data because of, say, a freak ice storm.

Finally, cloud hosts allow you to access your data over the internet, so your data is always available to you wherever you can find an internet connection. Instead of being tied to a dedicated server, you will be able to access your cloud host data from home, the office, and wherever you like to work. With this flexibility, your IT infrastructure can respond more quickly and your company will be more agile.

Whether your company is looking for a way to increase its performance without breaking the bank or reducing its operational costs, a cloud host in Canada can help. Canadian cloud host companies are a popular choice for saving money and increasing performance. Your IT infrastructure can experience a full overhaul, including software and hardware, without breaking the bank. Plus, with the accessibility unique to a cloud host, you can keep ahead of the curve.