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An Actual Inquiry about Party Supplies for a Princess tea Party

Monday, April 25th, 2016

This is an actual inquiry from a client asking for party supplies for a princess tea party for a 4-year old kid.

Caller: What themes do you have for a four year old?

Me: I have a princess tea party that is appropriate for four year olds, but I also can design a theme if you were thinking of something different.

Caller: Oh my daughter loves princess parties, she would love that. What do you provide and the pricing.

Me: We pride ourselves in providing upscale tablescape, table linen,chair covers, invitations, party supplies, favors, themed cake, entertainment and dress up wear for your party guest. Pricing is based on the number of guests.

Caller: I can do you all that myself. Thank you, bye.

I know that is particular client wasn’t really looking for a party planner? However, every calls makes me evaluate how I handled every potential customers inquiries. How do you ladies SALE your service, without sounding desperate or over confident?

i’m so confused …. then what was she calling YOU for?

I wanted to say that to her soo bad. You never can be sure why people do what they do. I am still confused about that.

It depends! If she allowed you to get in a word before she hung up, you could assure the client that she very well may be able to do it all herself. Never discourage them, but let them see that they could be doing other important tasks of the party, such as spending time with her soon to be 4 year old daughter and getting the guest list together, scouting the party location and making reservations, if it’s going to be away from home, and even planning the menu, which includes grocery shopping, etc. Basically you want them to see that its A LOT OF WORK to be done and that you can handle a “small” part of it, while she handles the “major” part of the part, which in reality you are handling the major part and she is handling the small part, but she doesn’t have to know that. After you name about 100 things that need to be done for a party, that you as a professional party planner can complete in 5 minutes, verses a mom with a 4 year old on her hand and may be a working mother, it may take her a lot longer. So you have to play on your strengths.

In reality I am sure a lot of our clients can do some of what we offer, but the question is do they have THE TIME? You have to really play on that. You can always end with, “well I am sure you can do it all yourself. But if you change your mind or see you need some or all of my services, can I e-mail you a brochure?” This way they can see your price packages and maybe a few photos of your work and see they probably can’t do what you do, and they will contacting you ASAP.

Whether it’s party planning or wedding planning, I sell my fees an how much time it saves them. My time isn’t worth much to them, but ‘their’ time is worth a fortune to them…whenever I point out line of thinking and how much it frees them up to deal with life verses the party…it seems to click for them.

I also spend a lot of time developing a relationship, hearing more about what they need – because it’s easier to have a conversation then a sales call. So I ask a lot of questions about what they envision and what they feel they need help with and about the party person…and it gives me a chance to talk about what I’ve done for other similar parties. Then I find I don’t have to sell, as they already see the benefit.

Time is certainly valuable, but I would also add the value of your creativity and experience. As a party planner pro, you bring a lot of creativity, personality and uniqueness to a party. It’s the difference between the average party and one to remember!