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Brazil and Poland are great strategical partners for their economies

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Brazil has for a long time been Poland’s largest trading companion within Latin America. A year ago the value of financial trade between the two nations arrived at a record: business increased by more than 12% or even United states dollar 200 mln to just about USD 1.7 bln.
Polish exports towards Brazil arrived at $ 531 mln, and imports coming from that region was at $ 1.1 bln.

You should know Poland’s exports for Brazil mainly include machinery as well as electric products, chemical substances, along with plastics, mostly synthetic rubber.
Imports, consequently, contain mineral sources, machines and electrical devices, food products, chemicals as well as plastic materials.

The particular best-known Brazilian item within Poland tend to be Embraer airplanes. So, Poland’s flagship commercial airline LOT possesses 24 this kind of airplane, such as 2 chartered to Poland’s Secretary of state for regarding servicing public state delegations.
This past year Brazil’s GDP development arrived at 0.1% as well as industrial result dropped by more than 5% when compared with previous years. This type of deterioration from the Brazilian economic climate lead from higher tax problems, the complexity in the taxes as well as legislation along with high labor expenses, specialists state.

Poland exports primarily highly processed products to Brazilian people
Brazil continues to be Poland’s most significant companion within South America not just thanks to its wealthy organic and assets and farming. Additionally it is an industry for Polish merchandise, particularly highly-processed items, that Brazil has been adding in the region for several years.

Market sectors which needs to be prioritized in additional growth and development of mutual financial co-operation consist of: the shipyard as well as offshore business, railways along with transportation structure, plant foods, chemical substances, devices and telecommunications gadgets, along with the automotive part, the Economic system Ministry thinks.
Brazil is defined for being the 6th biggest producer of oil on the planet by 2035 because of newly found stores of gas and oil from the coastline with the Atlantic. To ensure that this particular circumstance to work out as planned, the nation requires investments as well as technological improvement. This is the cause for raised curiosity about the offshore business enterprise indicated by Polish organizations: contractors and manufacturer associated with marine deck equipment.

Furthermore, Brazil has been attempting to dynamically build its structure for more than 10 years. The federal government introduced a brand new strategy based on which investing in infrastructure opportunities in 2014-2017 can reach about EUR 170 bln. This particular starts big possibilities for Polish companies, particularly those through the railway field.
The substances section is another business with good potential customers to increase mutual business. This is also true for that portion of mineral plant foods: the Brazilian chemical substance business includes simply 40% of household need, and also the leftover 60% is brought in. This percentage will be taken care of in the future years, professionals declare.

These are some reasons which attract foreign investors or traders to put their huge investment may be in the form of ready company Poland or any other business.
Polish opportunities in Brazil, particularly those carried out by industrials class Boryszew, completely show the technical possibilities of Polish companies in addition to their abilities for establishing the Brazilian auto marketplace.